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A Product Liability case is where a person has been hurt because a product is unreasonably dangerous.  That is, the person is hurt because the product was too dangerous and should have been made safer.  Those cases are more often than not against huge companies in many different countries.    

We will gather the facts, gather the medical records, find and secure the product, evaluate and test the product, consult Engineering Specialists, and present your case clearly and convincingly.

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We have handled a wide range of product liability cases against some of the biggest manufacturers out there and some of the smallest.  We have handled cases that also resulted in a national company's recalling all of it's dangerous dump trucks.  We have handled cases in which the jury also awarded punitive damages to deter future bad conduct, being the first product liability verdict paying punitive damages under the Georgia Tort Reform Legislation. We have handled cases in which the Company is forced to admit the danger and actually stop making the product. We have handled cases involving a product that could fit in your palm and others that would not fit in your house. Let us help you with your case.

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  • Georgia Law restricts a product liability case if the product is over 10 years old, but there are exceptions around that.

  • Punitive Damages on product liability cases are not capped, like some other cases.

  • Sometimes the product is huge but the defect is so small it can only be seen under a microscope.

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Product Liability where a manufacturer or retailer is responsible for a their product that is unreasonably dangerous.